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When Mick met Brian

When Mick met Brian

October 15, 2010

Welcome to the third Les Croupiers podcast, featuring the vocal talents of our own Mick McGeoch, interviewing the inspirational Brian Richardson, a relatively recent member of the club who is enjoying a quite enviable purple patch. At age 52, Brian is fitter, faster and stronger than he has ever been and the hard work pounding on the tarmac has been handsomely repaid with an appearance on the podium; Brian was an M50 silver medallist at the Welsh 10km championships, an event incorporated into the Cardiff 10km.

You may notice the occasional dramatic pause - 'Where's Brian?!' - and the rustle of props as Brian produces the secret of his success. All this adds to the colour of a live interview.

Anyway…..without further ado and without spoiling it’s contents further, here it is………